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Office Manager


  • You have some experience in office management
    "Front- or backoffice - nothing new for me!"
  • You see what needs to be done and help out without guidance
    "Why are people's shoes lying on the floor? Let's order a shelf for that." 
  • You would contribute to a good office atmosphere 
    "I organised a cake for Raphi's birthday - let's all get together to have a piece with her." 
  • No task on your to-do list is ever unfulfilled
    "Done by this evening! And I'll also get milk for the fridge." 
  • You have basic experience of finance and accounting practices 
    "So these are the payslips that I need to forward in this order."
  • You show determination when you have a certain goal
    "I'll call these guys from the Hausverwaltung 100 times until finally we get this fixed!"
  • Native German and good English skills required
    "Servus and good morning everyone!"

Our offer

  • Team of 30 international employees
  • Salary starting from 1.738 Euros gross monthly (divided by two for 20h employment), depending on your experience
  • Strong focus on the personal and professional development of all employees 
  • Startup atmosphere (BBQs on the roof, annual company retreats, ...)
  • Location: Vienna, Austria

Life at MeisterLabs

  • Darts, Golf, Football, PlayStation 4 & Wii at the office
  • As much Italian coffee as you can drink
  • "Late lunches" every few weeks
  • Weekly runs on the Donaukanal (non-compulsory)
  • Annual 3-day company offsites ("Hackfests")
  • BBQ and open air cinema on rooftop in summer
  • Pub Quizzes in the local Irish Bar
  • "Hacky Fridays": try out awesome new technologies or work on your personal pet feature every Friday

Did you know?

Vienna is ranked the world’s best city to live in, and our office is located right in the heart of it. We are an international team with people from Austria, Germany, UK, Hungary, Romania, Iceland, and the USA, and we all love it here. Follow us on Instagram to get a feeling for what it's like to work with us at MeisterLabs!

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