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Engineering Manager


In our pursuit of technological excellence, we’re driven by innovation. In your role of Engineering Manager of the Note platform team, you will be responsible for impactful & reliable delivery, career growth and engagement of the team, setting goals that align with the business, and guiding your team towards achieving them.

With your wealth of experience, you’ll advise our team, bridging the gap between technical complexities and business needs. Your clear communication and strategic leadership will inspire us to surpass expectations and redefine what’s possible. Ready to make a lasting impact? Join us in shaping the future of technology and embarking on an exhilarating journey towards success.

What Makes You Special

  • 2+ Years EM Experience. You bring a minimum 2 years of experience as an Engineering Manager of a platform engineering team. A computer science education or equivalent experience is highly beneficial.
  • Technical Expertise.You deeply understand web technologies, technical and service architecture for real-time collaboration, and you are proficient with CI/CD, multi-data setups, automated testing and branching strategies, and incident management.
  • Tech Stack. You have been working with Elixir, Ruby, and/or JavaScript, CI/CD tools (e.g., GitHub actions) as well as automated testing frameworks (e.g., Playwright).
  • Engineering x Product Collaboration. You are comfortable collaborating with product trio dynamics, working closely with Product Managers to align engineering efforts with overall company goals.
  • Project Management Know How. You have a proven track record in project management, including planning, organizing, and monitoring project progress.
  • Agile mindset. You know your way around in organizing sprints, conducting retrospectives, and prioritizing technical backlog items.
  • Results driven. You deeply understand the delivery, productivity, and satisfaction metrics of your team and you effectively prioritise their improvement through planning and execution.
  • Business Acumen. You have successfully been coordinating projects across multiple teams to align engineering efforts with business objectives and ensure transparent stakeholder engagement.
  • Leading by example. You bring strong leadership skills in inspiring, motivating, and managing teams to achieve ambitious goals.
  • Communication Skills. Your effective communication skills for collaboration with team members, stakeholders, and customers, conveys technical information clearly and concisely.

Meister and You

  • Find your place. We’re ambitious and well-funded: driving innovation and bringing value to users.
  • Feel valued. Salaries at Meister fit your skills and experience. You’ll share in our success with an employee stock ownership program additional to your pay.
  • Never stop developing. Progress along clear career paths, aided by experienced mentors who know Meister inside-out. Learn new skills during Innovation Week and tailor your individual training plan.
  • Get out there. Attend industry meetups and participate in exciting events like React Conf, EuRuKo and more.
  • Choose where. Work with us in Vienna and/or remotely in Austria or Germany. Full-remote possibilities for international team members.
  • Choose when. Organize your work week as you like with our flexitime agreement.
  • Choose how. Select your own hardware and join an agile environment that promotes autonomy.
  • Get there. Public transport card or other commuter benefits.
  • Stay healthy. Subsidized indoor, outdoor and wellness activities in Austria, Germany or the US.
  • Relax. Extra vacation day on your birthday, plus December 24 and 31. Entitlement increases the longer you’re at Meister.
  • Celebrate. Regular events, including an annual company retreat and frequent team activities.

Chrysa Zouzeli

Talent Acquisition Manager

Laura Bârlădeanu

VP of Engineering

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