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Founders & Team

Inspiring creativity at work.

Founded by Michael Hollauf and Till Vollmer in 2006, MeisterLabs has an international team of 30 tech enthusiasts, working from offices in Munich, Vienna and San Francisco to create innovative and easy-to-use collaboration apps.

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Visualize your thoughts.

MeisterLabs’ first tool, MindMeister, was launched in 2007 and is the world-leading mind mapping solution. Used by 7 million people globally, over 25 million maps have been created in MindMeister, with 1 billion ideas generated worldwide.

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Simply work together.

MeisterTask is an intuitive and collaborative task management solution, working stand-alone yet fully integrated with MindMeister. Since launching in 2015, MeisterTask has been listed as a top app by the Apple App Store, the Google Chrome Store, WIRED, Zapier and many more.

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Millions of users are collaborating with MindMeister and MeisterTask

Collaborate Kanban-style with MeisterTask, from the creators of MindMeister. Share checklists, attachments and progress updates across unlimited projects.
MeisterTask’s minimalist design gives users an enjoyable experience that makes setting up your tasks a breeze. This could easily be the main organizational tool an entrepreneur could use for their business.
Your tasks don’t start out as tasks - they start out as ideas, things you jot down on a napkin and brainstorm with your team. With MindMeister and MeisterTask, you can turn your mind maps into projects to make it easy to turn your ideas into reality.
MindMeister is a full-featured app that lets you both create mind maps and work on them collaboratively with colleagues or friends. The interface makes it easy to set out the parts of an idea you’re tackling, and when you invite someone else to brainstorm, you can see the entries and changes they’re making in real time.