Working at Meister

Headquartered in the heart of Vienna, with a second office in Seattle, the Meister team works, plays and parties together. What unites our team is the drive to develop beautiful and intuitive tools that help teams across the world to work together collaboratively and productively. Join us on this exciting journey!

What are we all about?

Meister was founded in 2006 and although we’re already a fully grown company, we’ve managed to sustain a startup culture that feels like working with friends. Our offices are truly international, with team members from the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Austria, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Costa Rica and India – a global team to serve an equally global user base. We’re big advocates of diversity and are proud to have a growing number of women in our tech company, including in leadership positions. We feel our low employee turnover rate is proof of our positive working culture, including the 10-year employment jubilees we’ve recently celebrated together.

We’re proud to work with the newest technologies: A tech stack consisting of React, a customized version of Redux, Ruby on Rails, as well as Sketch and Zeplin for design. With a user base of over 17 million users, scalability and performance pose daily challenges for us. During each two-week sprint, we implement new, innovative features and integrations to ensure our products are at the cutting-edge of design and provide the highest quality service to our users. The data-driven, creative approach we have in Marketing, as well as the personal interaction between Sales, Support and our clients, help us grow our user base further every single day. As a company, we collaborate adhering to these values:

Why You?

You’ve got a clear passion and expertise in your subject, and feel you’d be a great fit for one of our departments. Just like us, you’ve got amazing ideas and share them. You identify with our values of simplicity and usability to make our tools even better. In interactions with others you are open and respectful, you see what needs to be done and find solutions to challenges. And most important: You’re looking forward to becoming part of our team.

Our Hiring Process

We do our best to keep the hiring process as short as possible and give you many possibilities to ask all of your questions. You can find out more about our hiring practices via our interview process blog post and in case you have any questions along the way, just get in touch.

Read some more about our company culture and values on our blog, Focus: